Mercury Gallery - Rockport & Boston

American expressionism
1935 to present

 Light In August, oil on panel, 36x30 Still Life with Bottle, 34.25 x 46.25, oil on canvas Untitled, 24 x 36, oil on canvas Green Apple, oil on board, 24x36 Still Life, oil on canvas,46x30 Way To The Quarry II, oil on board, 24x50 Quarry Triptych, oil on board 24x24 (each) Quarry Wall, oil on board, 14 x 18 Way To The Quarry, oil on board, 24x24 Arrangement, oil on board, 35x50 Quarry, oil on board, 26x50 White Pitcher, oil on canvas, 24x36  On The Table, oil on canvas, 10x20 Floral Curtain, oil on canvas, 24x48